Qwik Draw : The Latest Technology in Automotive Service Equipment

Providing the automotive service technician a safe means for handling hazardous material by offering the safest, easiest and fastest automotive fluid exchange equipment to use with confidence based on the latest technology in the automotive industry. The maintenance free, environmentally safe and zero downtime, Qwik Draw equipment allows the service technician to offer fast, efficient and continuous clean service of the highest and best quality that you can trust. 

Power Steering Flush Machine by QwikDraw PS Flush Power Steering

Flush & Exchange : QD1View Page

  • Qwik and easily flushes power steering fluid in less than 3 minutes!
  • 12 liters capacity
  • Environmentally safe. No hoses to disconnect, and no spills on the shop floor.
  • NO fluid overflow

Injector Cleaner by QwikDraw Gasoline Injector Cleaning

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  • Cleans Injectors within 10 Minutes
  • No hazardous chemicals for the technician to come in contact with
  • Large Clip for Easy Hanging
  • Powered by Shop Air

Brake Flush Machine by QwikDraw DOT Brake

Flush & Bleeder : QD8View Page

  • Flushes & Bleeds all Brake Cylinders & Abs System
  • Bleeds all Four Cylinders Simultaneously
  • Can Pressurize and Vacuum Simultaneously
  • Operated with Shop Air.

Coolant Flush & Exchange

10-40 gallon Capacity

Easiest and Fastest Coolant System Flush to Operate!

Differential Oil Flush by QwikDraw DOC Differential Oil

Flush : QD011 View Page

  • Flush & Exchange Oil within 10 Min's
  • Color Coded control valves for easy use.
  • No hazardous chemicals to come in contact with
  • Energy saving, no electricity or batteries required. Operates with shop air.

PX9 ATF ChangerTransmission

Flush & Exchange : PX9View Page

  • 10 Gallon Capacity
  • Stainless Steel durable aluminum
  • Color Coated Control Valves for Easy Use
  • Keep Shop floor clean and organized
  • Environmentally safe, fast and efficient
  • No Hazardous Chemicals for technician to come in contact with
  • Special see through fiberglass tanks.

PX2Power Xtreme

Coolant ChangersView Page

  • Exchanges Antifreeze within 5 Minutes
  • 10-20 Gallon Capacity
  • Can Operate Remotely
  • Color Coded control valves for easy use
  • No hazardous chemicals for Tech to come in contact with.